A Famosa Fort – Rediscover a 16h Century Landmark in Malaysia

When choosing to spend a remarkable and an unforgettable vacation in the Asian region, we cannot deny that Malaysia is one of the best destinations to consider these days. This particular nation offers countless of tourist attractions, historic landmarks, authentic Malaysian cuisines and a lot more to enjoy when visiting here.

If we discuss about a stunning and historical destination to explore in Malaysia, this has to be the A Famosa Fort, which they also recognized as “The Famous” or “Porta de Santiago” in the state of Malacca. This Malaysian-based state is on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site because it boasts some of the most historic and oldest landmarks in the world.

According to the history of A Famosa Fort, this is one of the most visited destinations in Malacca and the best structure for countless of photographers who had seen the place while staying in Malaysia. This particular fort is among the ancient remnants of the most stunning European structures in the entire Asian region and across the globe. In 1511, they constructed this beautiful Portuguese fortress through the effort of Alfonso de Albuquerque.

They build this historic structure as a way of honoring the courageous people of Malacca. They defeating the Sultanate’ armies during that time and played an important role in the successful spice trading between Malaysia and China for the past many years now.

The exact location of this historic fortress of Portuguese is within the Southeastern part of Asia and the surviving small gatehouse can prove the ancient story of the place. The gatehouse is an original portion of the historic A Famosa Fort back in 1511 and still existing today. During its full existence, three of the most powerful nations that controlled this historical fort include the Great Britain, Portugal and the Netherlands. As detailed through Wikipedia.org, the Portuguese took over the place from 1511-1641, the Dutch controlled it from 1641-1795 and the Britons controlled it from 1795-1807.

This stunning Portuguese empire in Malacca had served the people from 1511-1807 and despite having only small portions that exist today, it continuously grabbing the attention of both local and worldwide tourists who are visiting here.

According to the published information about the history of The Famous also, Bastion Middleburg is one of the recorded people who revealed facts about his archeological finding of the portion of the fortress in November 2006. He discovered about the portion of structure by chance only when they are building the revolving tower in Malacca. During that time, they needed to stop the construction and made a decision to transfer the tower in another place (Badhar Hilir District in Jalan Merdeka).

In April 18, 2008, they were able to complete and opened the tower in its new site.

If there is one thing that makes this historical landmark even amazing today, they constructed a beautiful golf resort and named it after A Famosa. This is the newest A’Famosa Resort offers the best and romantic accommodations for all visiting people from around the world. From the shared information through Malacca.ws about this resort, it has 1300-acre land span and located in the beautiful area of Alor Gajah.

The information likewise revealed that the official logo of A’Famosa Resort symbolizes the original gatehouse of the 16h century old fortress of the Portugal.

Without any doubt, visiting the beautiful country like Malaysia will give anyone a glimpse of our history many years ago. Of course, tourists who come here do not forget to visit and rediscover the historical A Famosa Fort in the town of Malacca.

Definitely, any local or foreign tourist should never miss to visit this landmark!


Credit image & video: YouTube

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