Babe Ruth Most Expensive and Treasured Baseball Cards

We have to admit that there are people out there who intend to collect rare sports memorabilia as part of their hobby because they have enough money to spend. This kind of idea is truly wonderful to fill someone spare time and making the person feel relaxed, despite daily busy life.

This kind of hobby can turn out to be a favorable investment and offers remarkable income as a business venture later on. What are the different varieties of rare memorabilia for sports available in the market? If you visit the Internet now, there are websites that represents companies that provide authentic items for interested buyers.

From the past centuries, many people had been enthusiastic to different sports just like in America because many people here truly loved baseball. This particular sporting event has been in the hearts of millions of Americans people and so it is natural for them to consider investing money for valuable baseball memorabilia. These types of products are actually very popular and in great demand within the United States Alone.

When talking about the most expensive and treasured memorabilia items for baseball fans, they usually come out in the market with authentic signatures of the greatest players, which include socks, shorts, shirts caps, shoes, jerseys and of course their rare baseball cards. These cards are among the best and historical items for various auctions fetch in huge amount. If we discuss about the greatest baseball players, one of the prime personalities whose items are in great demand is the late Babe Ruth.

Because of his consistent, prowess and extra ordinary skills in playing this particular sporting event, has became the player wherein millions of people had witnessed playing the baseball field during his prime. The autographed bats of Ruth such as the first one he used to score a homerun are available in auctions for higher price ranges. Of course, his baseball cards are also part of the best and antique collectable items that are highly worth it to invest.

Here are some of the most expensive cards of baseball legend Babe Ruth as detailed through These are actually part of the best collections of baseball card lovers in the world and they are definitely expensive to invest.

  • 1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth Card ($450,300 worth)
  • 1916 M101-4/M101-5 ($83,650 worth)
  • 1917 E135 Collins-McCarthy/H801-8 Boston Store ($65,175 worth)
  • 1921 Frederick Foto Babe Ruth ($44,437.50 worth)
  • 1921 E121 American Caramel Series of 80 ($19,418.75 worth)
  • 1933 R319 Goudey Series ($59,250 worth), among others

Should you decide to look for these mentioned cards that dated from the active playing time of Babe Ruth, this is actually not an easy task to do. They actually produce them in limited number of these cards and available sought-after by seasoned collectors. In some cases, you may need to visit the different scheduled baseball card shows to allow you discover them.

As expected, there are many of these shows held in major states in America and these are great places to find such vintage cards on sale or for trading. Another interesting factor about joining or visiting these shows is that they offer the best opportunity to meet and greet other known collectors.

If you need to check these shows, you can easily find them online and can register before the exact dates to pay minimal amount for the admissions.
Surely, collecting the most expensive baseball cards of the best players like Babe Ruth has gained remarkable momentum for the past years now. Different old photographs and signed cards have been in field of success because of their great demand just like in the United States.

These rare memorabilia have worthy and sentimental values that easily capture the attention of many baseball enthusiasts.


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