Berlin Cathedral – A Historical Structure in Germany

If you wish to travel the world like in the European region, you might be interested in visiting a historic country like Germany and explore its beautiful capital known as Berlin. According to history, this place became a primitive location of many historical wars and political rivalries, which documented back in 13th century.

Before it became the capital of Germany, it is the ancient capital of Prussia Kingdom, became part of the German Empire and Wiemar Republic before it played a huge role in the era of Nazi.

There are countless of great places or destinations to visit while in Berlin and they all feature individual stories, which make them intriguing to discover. When discussing about historical landmarks here, we cannot deny that the ancient Berlin Cathedral is one of them to cherish.

From the published information through, they also recognize the Berlin Cathedral as the Berliner Dom and built in year 1894-1905 near the Spree River (now popular as Museum Island) in Mitte Borough. In year 1905, they were able to complete it under the construction of then “Kaiserziet” and consecrated as a Roman Catholic Church for the St. Erasmus Chapel.

Unfortunately, the World War II seriously devastated the church and the division of the Germans forced the relocation of the Cathedral Church to the East Berlin and started the restoration in 1975. On the other hand, the completion of the restoration came not until the year 1993 after the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989.

According to the information shared by, they presented a new golden cross inside the Berliner Dom in 2008 and this is a symbol of a simpler form of cross than the one existed in East Germany before.

The man who completed and designed the current Berlin Cathedral is the infamous Architect Julius Carl Raschdorff, who was able to create something that can level the popularity of London’s Saint Paul Cathedral and Rome’s Saint Peter’s Square.

Looking at the overall external design of this historical cathedral in Germany, it features a crown with a golden cross and with four towers that flanked the lantern-shaped crown. According to the shared information also, Architect Raschdorff made the Italian High Renaissance as an inspiration to complete the Berlin Cathedral, but with more elaborate Baroque designs and elements.

When inside the Dom, tourists can reveal Christian Daniel Rauch’s impressive creation of a baptismal font made of solid white marble and Friedrich August Stuler’s altar made of solid marble and onyx. In addition, Carl Begas created a breathtaking painting of the Holy Spirit descendant and this is visible when visiting the Baptismal and Matrimonial Chapel of the cathedral.

The overall measurement of the domed Berlin Cathedral is about 472×240 feet.

The stunning view of the Berliner Dom is about 322 feet in height and designed by no other hand Anton Von Werner. It features a beautiful Imperial Stairwell or known as the Kaiserliches Treppenhaus wherein the visitors need to complete an almost 267-step stairs to reach the top.

While heading to the top of the Dom, the visitors will reveal the museum inside it and they can re-discover the many artifacts such as ancient images that represent the beginning of the Berlin Cathedral, beautiful decorations, scale models and published information about its rich history before. Upon reaching the top most deck, it offers a stunning experience to vie the relaxing scenery of the city and this makes anyone visits here memorable.

Based on the recorded data about the overall cost of this historical German landmark, it spent almost 11.5 million marks and that is back in 1905 already. The overall structure is made of ancient bricks that truly proved the value of the place.


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