Crocodile Fish – A Beautiful Living Creature with Unique Appearance

I always believe that every person has the opportunity to become an advocate and to help in preserving our wildlife. It is actually the duty of each of us to take care of our surroundings, environment, to work harder in attaining a harmonious relationship with other people and all the living creatures on earth.

That is to say, we need to provide the best care for both humans and animals.

This kind of mindset must all be a part of a person’s daily activities. If we do this on a daily basis, it is of no doubt to enjoy a peaceful and happier world to live in the coming years.

When talking about beautiful living creatures on earth, they definitely include the remarkable species of fish in our oceans. Of the many existing fishes today, perhaps one of the most stunning and intriguing specie is the Crocodile Fish (scientific name – Cymbacephalus Beauforti).

According to the information published Wikipedia, this particular fish originates from the family of Playtycephalidae and a class of Actinopterygii. They also recognize such fish as the Giant Flathead or De Beaufort’s Flathead and among the discoveries of Leslie William Knapp back in 1973.

This beautiful Crocodile Fish is very unusual that they aptly named for its interesting camouflage marks. It terms of its behavioral pattern it can be a very patient specie, but dangerous like a typical predatory. In the wild area, it can easily inhabit into different flooded forests or even stagnant swamps and mostly found in the Southeast Asian region.

The habitat it can live is natural, soft and can be an acidic environment dense with live as well as fallen vegetation. A Crocodile Fish can easily rely on its environment to subdue its coloration and can blend perfectly in the water with its disruptive markings.

This kind of fish has elongated body and marked with existing irregular blotches in parallel positions with dominant stripes extending from its mouth up to the tail. The stripe is bisecting the fish horizontally to help in disrupting its overall body shape.

With a large mouth and head that comprises up to a third of its entire length, it is somehow easier to determine that this is type of specialized predator in the water.

According to the published data through, a Crocodile Fish is actually a “fish eater” and targeting those with similar sizes of fish species like them and usually in small groups. Any kind of fish that fits well in its enormous and extendable mouth can become a victim from this capable and smart underwater hunter. This fish attracts cautiously and does not trigger obvious motions, until a small prey is within its reach or striking distance.

Very rapidly, it can immediately capture its prey through it extendable mouth.

This stunning fish has sensitive attitude based on the quality of water and usually requires in soft (low mineral) and acidic (low pH) water. For those who want to consider having Crocodile Fishes as part of an ideal aquarium, it is important to setup their place properly with the right combination of roots or with nice driftwood. However, it is important to put a mesh or net on top of the aquarium because these fishes can easily jump over.

In most cases, some folks even include live plants as perfect addition. Because they are carnivorous types of species, they need live foods as part of their regular diet such as insect larva or bloodworms.

Keep in mind that fishes are also great pets and the relaxing sight they offer inside an aquarium is remarkable. At times, these living creatures can even take away our stress and worries by looking at them just like the Crocodile Fish.


Credit video: YouTube

Credit image: Wikimedia


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