Dumbo Octopus – Named after Dumbo (Walt Disney’s Flying Elephant)

There are actually different interesting facts about the species of octopus and they are all amazing to learn. When talking about the most intriguing characteristics of these types of sea creatures is that, they are capable of mimicking or imitating other creatures in the water.

According to the recorded studies about the octopus creatures, the female blanket octopuses are heavier than the males about 400,000 times. Researchers likewise revealed that the female octopuses can develop up to 6.6-feet long, unlike the males that only develop up to 0.9 inches long.

These types of water creatures have 3 hearts, sharp eyesight and do not have bones. They are also capable of changing their body color when they need to elude their predators or enemies. When the females lay their eggs, they safeguard them under the rocks so that their predators will not easily find them.

If we discuss about these species, there are different in sizes, origins and colors.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing and unusual species of octopus is the Dumbo Octopus (Grimpoteuthis). From the published information through Wikipedia, they also recognize this amazing sea creature as a family of the Pelagic Umbrella Octopus because of its overall appearance. It has ear-like fins just over its eyes and this is the reason why it looks exactly like Dumbo (the popular flying elephant in a Walt Disney movie).

Based on the information also, there are about 13 types of them in their species and discovered back in year 1932. This type of octopus love to live underwater with almost 10,000-13,000 feet and some of them can even live in a depth of 23,000 feet.

As for the places where the rarest octopus species live, these include Australia, Oregon, Monterey Bay, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Azores and Martha’s Vineyard. According to the recorded data from the biologists who studied them, the biggest Dumbo Octopus is almost 5.9 kilograms in weight and 1.8 meters long.

Without any doubt, the Dumbo Octopus is one of the most beautiful and interesting water creatures they discovered on earth. With its rounded fins resembling a real elephant, this makes it more intriguing to see. The overall shape of the body is similar to a bell and when it moves its web-type arm, it looks like an umbrella.

These types of octopuses part of the Animalia kingdom and if we talk about the foods they eat, these include amphipods, isopods, copepods, bristle worms, bivalves and crustaceans. From the information published through aquariumofpacific.org, the Dumbo octopuses feature “V” or “U” cartilaginous mantle or shell and some have short or squat sizes.

Some of them look similar to a walking shoe with brown color.

If we talk about the natural behavior of this amazing type of water creature, the can move in different ways and can float with neutral directions. Again, their huge flapping ears surely make them more interesting to see because it looks like a floating elephant under the ocean. With the capacity to release the water using their tentacles with stronger pressure, it is easier to move faster and elude a predator. Like any other types of octopuses in this planet, they can also crawl and roll when moving in depth water.

It terms of their breeding, researchers did not found any specific period when they breed, but the female ones can lay eggs in multiple numbers during their maturation. If a female begins to lay eggs, she will make sure that the location is safer against the predators and will not lay the eggs if there is potential threat.

Aside from the Dumbo species, the other interesting octopuses include the Blue-ringed and they both have interesting characteristics.


Credit image: Aquarium of the Pacific

Credit video: YouTube 

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