Ecosse Spirit ES1 Superbike – A Motorcycle worth $3.6 Million

If we talk about the history of motorcycle in the world, it started back more than a century and the man who is responsible for this is American Howard Roper who is a native of Roxbury in Massachusetts. According to the published information about Roper, he made a decision to invent something that will help him eliminate the stress of peddling his own bicycle.

It took him months before he was able to complete the diagrams he wanted and successfully came up with an idea to create a steam engine to pedal his bicycle while resting his legs and feet when traveling. In year 1867, the man from Massachusetts completed his invention wherein the engine functions through the burning coal.

His invention had inspired other people to develop and invent something that can speed up the travel time of a person. In year 1885, Wilhelm Maybach and Gottlieb Daimier had invented a motor bicycle that uses petroleum to operate. These individuals are actually the founders of the popular Mercedes Benz.

However, the first motorized 2-wheled bike came out in year 1894 through the effort of Wolfmuller and Hildebrand. Their invention gave way to boosts the market industry of motorcycle across the globe.

When discussing about the most luxurious or expensive motorcycles today, these are actually enormous and stunning to discover. Of course, from these available units, a particular brand can truly stands out from the others. According to the published information through, one of the recorded most extravagant or expensive motorbikes in the world include the Ecosse Spirit ES1.

As detailed online, the cost of this particular motorcycle is almost $3.6 million and a revolutionary superbike designed by trusted people in the automobile industry. These people include Richard Glover and Andy Le Fleming of the Great Britain and Don Atchison of the United States. They shared their ideas and successfully came up with this revolutionary unit.

Andy and Richard are actually engineers and known Formula 1 designers.

From the specifications and descriptions of this motorcycle, it can accelerate up to 230 mph, weighs in 265 pounds, highlights is carbon fiber structure, with impressive control and ergonomic systems, great suspension, sturdier front fork and handle bars, among others. It can actually perform like a real Formula 1 vehicle and with better tire maneuvers.

The team of Ecosse truly proved their worth because they brainstorm their ideas and shared knowledge to come up with this stunning motor bike in the market. Although they revealed the Ecosse Spirit ES1 a few years ago, it remains as the most impressive and expensive brand. As expected, it meets the standard of safety driving and assures the exact protection for the driver.

This is aside from presenting the best elements and design features.

Without any doubt, this impressive and customized motor bike in the world is a dream of many riders out there. This fully developed unit can easily compete to its counterparts and a champion motorcycle-racing vehicle in all. When seating on it, the ergonomic fitment lets the rider drive like inside a F1 racing car.

Again, the worth of the super bike clearly speaks for itself and the kind of satisfaction it can offer the user or rider. According to the manufacturer, they only produced 10 of these units and so there are just a few lucky owners worldwide.

The different available motorcycles or motor bikes nowadays surely feature the most advanced technological elements. When trying to invest one, it is very important to determine the exact features and the amount to spend beforehand. Likewise, the reputation of the manufacturer is a huge factor in making a favorable decision.


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