Farrell Wu – A Young Genius and Prodigy in Mathematics

According to the great Albert Einstein, everybody is a genius, but judging a fish by its ability to climb the tree, the fish will live its entire life to believe that it is stupid.

This is actually an important mindset shared by the late Einstein and many people now are still trying to figure out on where there are genius folks in the world. They are definitely not ordinary people, especially those with higher level of IQ such as those great mathematicians.

When talking about genius people in the world and in history, some of them are undoubtedly those who are math wizards or mathematicians.

With the many human beings who excel in the world of mathematics, one of them surely includes the 17-yewar-old math genius Farrell Eldrian Wu. According to the information shared about him through allstarbio.com, the world now consider Wu as among the brilliant, smartest and talented kids in the world who already won at the Taiwan International Mathematics Competition (Gold Medalist).

Based on the information about his biography, he was born in the Philippines and his nationality is Chinese. His proud parents are Ching Y. We and Elaine S. We who are definitely happy for the kind of recognition that their son is getting because of this unlevel skills in mathematics.

Back in 2015, the Philippine Senate approved a proposal that grants Farrell a Filipino citizenship because of this immense talent in representing the country in various math competitions worldwide as detailed by the news online.

The approved law is the House Bill No. 4037 under the sponsorship of Senator Aquilino Pimentel III for the desire of the young math wizard to become a Filipino citizen that time.

“Wu wants to be a Filipino citizen. His parents, Ching Y. Wu and Elaine S. Wu, have also given their consent to Wu’s seeking for a Philippine citizenship,” said the good senator a couple of years ago as quoted by Inquirer.net.

In year 2014, he also won a silver medal at the International Mathematics Assessments for Schools held in Taiwan.

In year 2012, Wu is the Brilliant Live Mathematics Challenge inaugural’s champion that time and became one of the 2 students in the world who was given a chance to aced the Australian Mathematics Competition held at the University of Canberra.

He is likewise one of the gold medalists for the Philippines who competed at the Taiwan International Mathematics Competition. In 2011, he became the only representative of the country to win the gold medal when he competed at the 14th Primary Math World Contest held in Hong Kong.

Aside from his interest in math, her mother revealed that when Farrell is only 11 years old, he showed enough interest to learn more about the stock market and even invested some of his money in 2011.

Without any doubt, Farrell Eldrian Wu is a real math genius and already gave various awards to himself and for the Philippines.

Just last year, he also represented that country in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition and achieved an honorable mention. This particular competition consists of college students who are undergraduates from Canada and United States.

According from the reported news through gmanetwork.com, the 17-year-old genius in math is currently a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) undergraduate student and revealed that during the Putnam Competition, he needed about 6 hours to solve at least 12 problems.

Surely, becoming a math wizard or genius is not an overnight mission and it is also not possible to anyone. In most cases, people who have this kind of intellect have special genes or inborn.

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