Garmin Dash Cam 55 – One of the Best and Top Vehicle Cameras

Are you protecting your own house or office using surveillance or security cameras against intruders or thieves? Surely, you always think about the best safety measure to keep your property with the right protection.

How about your vehicle or car, do you also secure it by using a dashboard or dash camera? What unit do you opt to invest and do you want an expensive or an inexpensive one? Well, these are one two important questions to consider when talking about securing your car.

Before we talk about the most impressive and popular dash cam on the market today, it is important to learn about the exact factor on why we need this kind of device in our car or vehicle. This type of camera is usually installed on the dashboard or windscreen to help in recording everything that is happening while on the road.

Because of this, it is one of the most important features of a vehicle in many different ways.

From the latest shared information online from the different dash cam reviewers, one of the best options to invest now is the Garmin Dash Cam 55. From the description of this car camera as published through, this small type of dash-cam suits perfectly for any kind of vehicle. It features a 3.7 high-quality megapixel camera, very compact, GPS enabled already, with voice control, capable of capturing 1440p video and can function in both low lighting condition on the road.

It has Automatic Incident Detection system (G-Sensor) and with replaceable micro SD card, among others.

Like any other type of dashboard or windscreen camera on the market, the Garmin Dash Cam 55 is easily to setup and automatically function once the vehicle or car started. Because of this, it immediately saves the video footages on the road and that includes the different vehicular incidents. Another interesting factor about this camera is that the driver can check the exact location and time where the accident occurred.

Perhaps the most interesting benefit also is that this particular vehicle camera allows the driver to verify the date, speed, time, longitude, latitude and travel direction on the car effectively.

From the shared information through, this impressive dash-cam is capable of recording Full HD at about 60 frames per second (1920×1080). It also has 30 frames per second recording to keep the storage spacious (720p). When recording the videos, they go directly to the pre-installed 8GN Module or to the inserted micro SD card.

Surely, the storage of this camera can save almost 50-60 minutes of video footages in one cycle.

The information about the review likewise revealed that it features a Travelapse system, which allowed in sharing the recorded videos for the different adventures. It enables a condensed recording to include on the highlights if necessary. Of course, this available dashboard camera is WIFI capable and can sink the videos conveniently.

It also has a very interesting driver awareness feature wherein it gives instant warnings for safety or proper driving on the road. For instance, it signals when a driver is moving closer to the vehicle in front to avoid possible collision. This kind of advantage will educate the driver to keep on the exact lane. The installed built-in red light as well as speed data camera is helpful when a driver is approaching a speed camera ahead. The light goes red and so this helps in slowing down the car to prevent any apprehension.

In addition, it has notification alert for different locations where there is traffic situation, especially when stopping in the intersection.   Of course, it features a park mode system wherein it lets automatic monitoring while the car or vehicle is on the parking area. This particular system has a sensitive motion detector when there is movement around the car.

Based on the price range of this camera, it worth about $149.99-$199.99.


Credit video: YouTube

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