Georgina Hope “Gina” Rinehart – Billionaire Australian Mining Magnate

If we discuss about the most popular and in demand businesses in Australia, we are talking about mining. According to some economic experts who have knowledge about this kind of venture, mining is one of the biggest contributors to the blooming economy of Australia and considered as a main successful industry in the country.

To prove this, mining companies in this progressive country are continuously hiring qualified workers across to world for the past several years now. What is interesting with this kind of job opportunity is that these companies are capable of offering huge amount of salaries to their workers, contrary to other types of work opportunities here.

With the many entrepreneurs or companies that run their own mining ventures in this beautiful country, there are surely those who stand out in terms of their earnings and progress. Definitely, there are now rich and prominent Australians who gained their reputation because of their remarkable wealth and achievement in lives.

According from the latest shared list of the richest people in Australia through, Georgina Hope “Gina” Rinehart is on top of the list this 2017. Based on the recorded data, she is the wealthiest citizen of the country because her net worth as of the November this year is amounting to $16.8 billion US dollars.

Where exactly she got her wealth? Well, Gina is a mining magnate in based in Australia and the chair of the popular Hancock Prospecting (HPPL).

The lady Australian mining billionaire is a native of Perth in the western part of the country. She attended school at the St. Hilda’s School University of Sydney, but did not finish her studies after dropping out. According to her story as published online, Gina then thought about joining his father Lang Hancock to work for HPPL.

Being the only child of the old mining magnate, Lang gave her at least 76.6 percent share of the company when he passed away in year 1992. Of course, he likewise made the 63-year-old richest Australian as the new executive chair of the Hancock Prospecting.

This is the reason why she is on top of the list for the wealthiest people in Australia because of her father and her HPPL’s share.

According to Gina as quoted by that, “The Millionaires and Billionaires who chose to invest in Australia are actually those who most help the poor and our young. This secret needs to be spread widely.”

The wealth of Rinehart continue to increase after recovering from the iron ore prices, which gave her a net worth of #16.6 billion US dollars or equivalent to $21.5 billion Australian dollars.

Surely, the wide range of natural resources found in Australia somehow gave many people the opportunity to improve their wealth, especially those who are venturing in the mining industry. Without a doubt, the iron ore is one of the most popular mining ventures here and so the present status of Gina Rinehart truly proved that this kind of venture could make a person wealthy.

Australia is also a top producer of nickel and zinc. It actually surpassed other nations such as China and Russia when it comes to producing these natural minerals. In addition, the Australian region is rich in coal mining and among the biggest in the world.

Surely, the wealth that Rinehart inherited made her an Australian mining magnate whom they recognize across the globe these days.

As detailed through, the other people on the list of the richest people in Australia include Harry Triguboff (9.9B US dollars), Anthony Pratt (5.8B US dollars), Frank Lowy (5.7B US dollars) and Bianca Rinehart & Siblings (5B US Dollars), among others.

Bianca is actually the eldest daughter of Gina from her 4 children.


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