GETAC RX10 – One of the Most Technological and Expensive Tablets

For the past few years now, the worldwide market for tablet PCs is becoming huge and provided a great competition from the different manufacturers out there. Because of this, the industry of tablet making proved its tremendous growth and improvement due to the increasing numbers of buyers or interested people.

Of course, with the huge number of brands, sizes, capacities, specifications and price ranges, it is somehow difficult for us to choose the most suitable product for us. However, this kind of development is advantageous because it gives the best opportunities to review the offered products before we make a final choice.

Likewise, the advent of the Internet made it easier for us to discover countless of tablet brands online and lineup from the cheapest up to the most expensive units.

When we talk about a piece of technological gadget or tablet that remained competitive since they introduced it last year, this definitely involves the GETAC RX10 device. According to the published reviews of this unit, it is a perfect rugged but very resistant and with advanced features. Therefore, it is a good choice for the kind of lifestyle we have now because millions of people are regularly connecting to the Internet.

The overall design of this particular device suits best for sturdy tablet and built with better protection against the ground because of its great protective housing. Despite in existence on the market since 2016, it is still one of the best and competitive tablets to invest. Surely, it is worth the value of money for this impressive rugged unit than its counterparts.

Based on the shared information through about the overall review of the GETAC RX10, it features a nice 10.1-inch Intel Full HD Graphics 5300 GPU screen display, utilizes the LumiBond 2.0 technology for better reading capacity when outdoor, improved touch functions and very useful even if a user has wet or dry fingers. It has a Dedicated GPS, features a TPM 2.0 chip system, with tethered stylus, WIFI (faster 802.11ac), LAN, 3G, 2G, Advanced 4G LTE and WAN connections.

This technological electronic device also features the 7th Generation Intel Processing Core and 5th Generation Intel Processing Core, micro connections for HDMI, USB ports (2.0 and 3.0), NFC/RFID card reader, a scanner for barcode, protective flap casing, detachable keyboards, docking stations, versatile kickstand, external battery chargers, Smart Card/CAC reader, with 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD and a 32whr battery.

Of course, another very interesting feature about the GETAC RX10 is that they design the unit with a swappable battery feature, which allows the user to extend the life of the device by replacing the battery with the spare battery without turning off the tablet. This made it possible because of its LifeSupport technology.

If there is one thing that makes this gadget intriguing to buy, it is all about its costly price range. As detailed through the information about the price of this unit, an interested buyer needs to spend from $2,300 up to $3,600 to invest one.

Keep in mind that when investing for a high quality and technological tablet on the market, it is very important not to focus on the price value of the unit alone. Instead, we also need to check the size of the screen (it must meet our expectation), functionality of the keyboard, Operating System, apps, lifespan of battery, readability, memory, call functionality and its camera (for necessity), among other important elements.

Again, the many available brands of tablets nowadays truly made it easier for us to find them with the help of the Internet. When we decide to buy one, it will always depend on our prepared budget on hand and if we need something for personal or business use.


Credit video: GETAC UK Ltd/YouTube





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