Glaucus Atlanticus or “Blue Dragon” – A Beautiful Yet Venomous Creature

Whether we admit it or not, our living planet has countless of animal creatures and existing the different places worldwide.  These creatures are enjoying the benefits of Mother Nature just like what human beings do. Although there are usual animals that live and exist with humans, there are still unique and unbelievable types and not seen by ordinary people out there.

Because of this, many of us will surely love to discover these unusual animals and the kinds of features they have, which make them special in this world.

If we discuss about stunning animals under the ocean, one of the most interesting creatures is the “Blue Dragon” or with a scientific name of Glaucus Atlanticus. According to the recorded data about this living creature under the Animalia Kingdom, they also recognize it as Blue Angel, Blue Sea Slug, Sea Swallow or Blue Glaucus.

Without any doubt, the “Blue Dragon” is one of the stunning creatures on earth and likewise considered the deadliest one. Looking at the overall appearance, it exactly resembling a “dragon-like” body structure and only grew about few inches. Based on published information through, these types of creatures are prevalent in the Indian Pacific Oceans and they are remarkable to discover, especially when they float and blend their blue color to the water.

Another interesting feature is that they have a beautiful silver color on their sides and they look stunning when the water in the ocean shine with the different rock formations. However, the most intriguing fact about these small “Blue Dragons” of the sea is that they have deadly stings that can serious make the person ill or even leading to death. A Glaucus Atlanticus uses its sting to capture other small creatures such as the Portuguese Man O’ War as food. They also love to eat other small venomous jellyfishes using their small, but powerful feet.

It loves to eat the most venomous animal creatures under the ocean and this makes it more dangerous when protecting itself against the predators. During the process of consuming other venomous creatures, the “Blue Dragon” absorbs the venom and uses it when necessary. If a human being hit by the sting, it definitely triggers an agonizing pain or severe illness.

Despite being deadly, these animals remain as among the most beautiful creatures on earth and presents ferocious looks.

These known Blue Sea Slugs are rare and lucky beachgoers can often discover one, depending on the place. There are data or information that folks in Australia had discovered one and they knew that these creatures have dangerous stings. They love staying in warm water and it is truly remarkable to see one because of having beautiful appearance.

According to information published online through, they also consider these animals as Hermaphrodites (both female and male have their reproductive organs). During the process of reproduction, a male Blue Angel is capable of penetrating a female for mating without experiencing the poisonous venom inside the body.

Perhaps the most interesting factor also is that both individuals can lay their eggs.

It is true that many of us think about slugs as ugly and not interesting animal creatures because they usually look the same. We do not actually consider them as the most captivating animals on earth and so we do not show great interest on them. However, the “Blue Dragon” slugs are different and unique that makes them very intriguing.

Majority of the stunning animals in the world are living inside confined zoos and they have no proper habitats. Unlike those living under the ocean such as the Glaucus Atlanicus, they appreciate their environment and can live freely with their potential predators.


Credit image and video: YouTube

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