IC-R Helmet – A Technological Motorcycle Rider Helmet

We know that there are countless of available budget-friendly and expensive helmets for motorcycle riders out there. On the other hand, there are those with technological features and it definitely makes them luxurious to invest if you want to own one. If we talk about the most advanced and expensive helmets today, these certainly include the available IC-R Helmets produced by Intelligence Cranium Helmets LLC (ICH).

Since 2015, ICH has been very consistent in producing high quality helmets that assure safety, best elements and a life saving investment for any motorist who invested money. According to the shared information through intelligentcraniumhelmets.com when they Interview Ambrose Dodson, he observe that motorcycle drivers always turn their heads when making change on the road and so he made a decision to develop a safety helmet that can save the life of the person who is driving the motorbike.

With his latest creation known as the IC-R helmet, there is no need for the motorist to turn his or her when changing direction to avoid any collision while on the road.

For Dodson who is the Chief Executive of ICH, his objective in developing these latest technological helmets is to assure safer riding to the motorcyclist, can easily determine the exact information while driving and avoid fatal incident, which is an imperative factor to consider.

Therefore, if you own a nice motorbike and want to look like a superhero on the road with the right safety gear for your head, an IC-R helmet is definitely the best choice you have today. Based on the reported information about this type of helmet, it cost around $1,500 and this is somehow expensive; thus, assuring the exact protection while riding a motorcycle.

The entire concept of the helmet is to provide the exact movement for the motorist who is driving the motorcycle or motorbike. Some of the most interesting features include visual traffic alerts through the installed Global Positioning System (GPS), dual camera for the rear vision, and small radar for alerting near vehicles (through LED lights), recharging solar panels, Open SDK hardware and electro-tint visor, among others.

The company likewise revealed some of the most interesting features of the Intelligent Cranium Helmets, besides the aforementioned elements. These innovative helmets for safety motoring also have HUD navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, rotating 210 degree position and provide information about the latest weather conditions of the place while driving. With these added features, it is definitely not a question on why they considered these products by ICH as among the most sophisticated helmets on the market.

With the great experience of those people behind the continuing success of the ICH, it proved that more and more people who are driving 2-wheeled motorcycle such as motorbikes and scooters are continuously patronizing the available IC-R helmets because they provide the best protection and high in quality. As stated on the official website of the company, their owned patent-pending helmets are one of a kind and no existing products on the market that can beat them.

Furthermore, the company boasts their hard working staff, unique designed products and impressive business strategies in helping them achieve success in the industry of safety equipment today. They are definitely one of the best in America and across the globe.

In an effort to keep their valued users and buyers, ICH likewise is offering remarkable discounts to these people for continuously supporting the products they offer. This is regardless if the purchase using the Internet or visiting the actual shop of the company.

As for those who are planning to invest their money for a high quality safety helmet, it is best to read more information about the IC-R Helmets to help them decide and make wise investment.



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