Imran Amed – The Founder and Editor-in-Chief of “The Business of Fashion”

Without any doubt, we may consider the world of fashion as a continued rising industry worldwide and it is becoming unstoppable. Because of this kind of development, we tend to discover countless of opportunities, related businesses and consistent competitiveness on the market. This trend involves different people, companies and marketing in the fashion industry.

Surely, we find different career opportunities when we talk about global fashion. To name a few of them include career in fashion marketing, consulting, manufacturing and I designing, among others. However, not all interested people can achieve their dreams and reach the pinnacle of success even if they spent much time and money for it.

There are definitely those who immediately stood out in this tight industry and established their names across the globe.

If we discuss someone who achieved his goal and dream in the competitive world of fashion, this talks about Imran Amed. As detailed from the published information about him, Amed is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the popular The Business of Fashion. They recognize this male Canadian-British as one of the trusted and popular fashion experts in the world today.

To prove his worth in this field of business, he became part of the 2017 New Year Honours for his remarkable services in the world of fashion by appointing him as a legitimate Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE).

The Canadian-born fashion expert grew up in Calgary, which is a part of Alberta and a descendant from India. According to the information shared about his background through Wikipedia, Amed does not show any interest in fashion world before. Even though he sometimes watched the TV like the fashion show hosted by Tim Blanks, he is not at all keen to making it as his career opportunity.

The shared information likewise revealed that the 41-year-old founder of The Business of Fashion studied in McGill University (Montreal, Quebec) and worked as management consultant after he completed his studies. To pursue his dream of becoming a successful person, he continued studying at Harvard Business School in 2001 for Master of Business Administration (MBA) course. With his effort, he was able to graduate in 2002 and made a decision to work as an employee for the McKinsey & Company in London.

It was in 2006 when he decided to develop his expertise in the world of fashion.

In year 2007, this successful fashion expert implemented his idea in creating The Business of Fashion (BoF) as part of his plan in this field of industry. He started molding his unique interest in fashion and became the writer, commentator and a thinker during that time. Imran successfully established BoF and revealed his remarkable understanding about global fashion.

The Canadian-British fashion expert managed to deal with the various situations that affect this particular business. He was able to understand the value of implementing better ideas for fashion to cope with the tight economical crisis worldwide when he started. He never felt discourage, he continuously analyzing and exploring new things for the fashion industry.

To date, his online platform and visibility had gained impressive recognition not just in the United Kingdom, but across the world also. His humble beginning as the Editor-in-Chief and CEO of The Business of Fashion brought him to the pinnacle of success.

Many embraced Imran Amed as an institution for worldwide fashion community.

According to the information through, he decided to finance his own ideas through BoF personally in 2013. Because he wanted to expand his knowledge, he then made a decision to find new people who can invest with him after two years. The investors he teamed up include Felix Capital, LVHM, Index Ventures and Carmen Busquets.

To date, he is one of the most popular and influential fashion icons in the world. Likewise, he is very active over the Internet and obtained millions of followers through his social media accounts online.


Credit video: YouTube/BoF


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