Jorg Hysek Jr. – Creator of Slyde HD3 Digital Wristwatch

For the past several years now, the available Slyde wristwatches continue to hit the market by storm because of their inventive features and elements. Of course, thanks to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HD3 Jong Hysek Jr., the world got the best opportunity to discover the most innovative watches these days.

As the former Hysek Watches owner, the reputable CEO remains among the best designer and producer of high quality and expensive Swiss-made watches.

When talking about the most technologically advanced wristwatch in the world, this definitely talks about the available Slyde HD3 digital wristwatch on the market. According to Hysek, this innovative watch opens a newer dimension in the industry of watch manufacturing because it provides a personalized and progressive watch display, as detailed by online.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing factors about this technological and advanced wristwatch is that many people show interest about it and not only those who love investing for expensive and innovative watches.  Without any doubt, Swiss watches are remarkable, appealing and advanced, which makes them among the best and trusted products because they last for years than ordinary brand watches.

The Slyde HD3 is a unique timepiece because of its technological features because it is touch-screen, digitally advanced, with PC charging USB connector and other important elements. According to some online watch reviews, it does not feature Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity, but the most impressive thing about this watch is that it signifies the future of technological watch making in the world and not only for Swiss-made watches. Because of this, it simple means that the company aims to move forward in the traditional watch manufacturing and provides a clear interpretation on what we can expect in the future.

Like any other high-end watchmakers across the globe, the company likewise experience struggles in keeping their profits better. One reason is that the breakdown of the economy worldwide somehow affected many businesses and companies, which does not exclude Slyde. This is probably the reason why the CEO of the company made a decision to design a technologically advance wristwatch to compete better and gain more interest from countless of watch enthusiasts out there. Meaning, the product must have a unique “advantage” and “appeal” for both inexpensive and expensive watch buyers.

Looking at the special features of the HD3 watch, the designer is aiming to offer something else and do something unique than other available Swiss-made watchmakers. Of course, it is not easy to convince people to invest for high-end digital watches and so it needs to capture the interest of those people who want to buy and the perception must be appreciable. This is very similar when someone needs to invest for a costly electronic gadget like a smart phone or laptop. The product needs to have style, modern technology and blissful appearance.

Definitely, Jorg Hysek Jr. made a decision to conceptualize or design the Slyde HD3 watch with technological wonders. When talking about the other elements, it has a zone LED touch screen, 3-battery indicator lights, with a 250 mAh/3.8V lithium polymer battery, sapphire crystal for protection, auto-brightness indicator and boasting an impressive CLT electronic movement, among others. This particular wristwatch is available on the market in both titanium and steel PVD versions.

There are countless of available high-end and reasonable wristwatches today. On the other hand, it is more likely advisable to invest for the most technologically designed watches and not just about focusing on the price. Of course, the watches made by Slyde are certainly among the best in the world.

If we talk about the price ranges, you can invest from the available $3000 units up to the most expensive options, depending on your choice.


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