Maned Wolves – A Distinctive Species of Animal

Photo Credit: National Zoo

We all know that there are countless of unique and distinct animal species in this planet. Because of this, it is important for us human beings to somehow learn about these animals to keep us aware on how they live and exist in our living planet. When talking about the most distinctive animals, we cannot deny that the Maned Wolf is among them.

They say that this is the biggest canid that originates from South Africa.

According to the history of this type of animal, it looks like a fox it its overall appearance, but it originates from a different species of canids. The scientific name of this animal is Chrysocyon Brachyurus and the only kind from this specie. Animal experts likewise recognize it as “Golden Dog” because of its unique golden-hairy body.

Based on the information about the habitat of the Maned Wolves, they usually stay in an open or semi-open areas in grasslands and love to explore the forest as their natural home. In most cases, these particular animals are living in Andes (northern part), Brazil (southeastern part), Argentina (northern part), Bolivia (eastern part) and Paraguay. Unfortunately, the continuous killing of the hunters makes them endangered and possible losing their entire habitat if human beings continue to threaten them.

As stated by the government of Brazil, the Maned Wolves are now vulnerable animal species and they continue to lessen in number for the past years now.

The overall appearance of this type of rare animal features tall legs (black), thick body coat (golden red) and with erected ears that makes them more interesting to discover. Again, Maned Wolves are distinctive because they may resemble the appearances of the foxes or wolfs, but they are totally different from these animals.  If you get the chance to see one, the actual size is about 3-feet when standing and weighs around 23 kilograms.

When talking about the foods they eat, they consider these Maned Wolves as omnivorous. They love to eat veggies, fruits such as loberia or wolf apple (a type of fruit that looks like a tomato-berry. They eat these types of fruits because they can keep their system healthy in defeating certain diseases such as kidney problem due to parasitic worms. According to researchers who studied their eating habit already, this is the usual dieting scheme that they follow because they tend to eat more fruits and veggies on a regular basis.

In addition, they are also known mammal species because they eat rabbits and insects when it is necessary. With their impressive leaping ability, these animals can also capture flying insects and birds to eat.

These Maned Wolves are capable of defeating any predator or prey using their large erected ears. If they sense any

Photo credit: National Zoo

kind of trouble around them, they immediately rotate their ears to listen and escape as fast as they can to avoid being harm. Using their long legs, it is easier for them to jump and run faster to help them survive in the forest.

Back in 2009, researchers made a genetic analysis to help them determine the origin of the Maned Wolves and found out that they are somehow comparable to the Falkland Island Wolves, as detailed by However, it is definitely not clear that they may consider them as wolf species.

According to the information from the website also, the Falkland Islands Wolves became extinct in their habitat back in 1880.

There are also studies about these types of distinct animal species that they appear like the Bush Dogs, which originate from South America as well as in Panama.

Researchers did not clearly detailed the exact lifespan of a Maned Wolf yet based on actual human care, this animal cal live from 6 years up to 15 years. Of course, the life expectancy might be different if this animal lives in the forest freely.


Credit video: YouTube

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