Mangalica Pig – A Unique Breed Resembling a Sheep with Perfect Meat

Whether we admit it or not, many of us had recognized pigs as skewed or dirty animals in this world we live. Because these types of animals walk and act slowly, we think about them as bad influence because of their lazy mindset. This is probably the reason on why we do not consider them as attractive as most of the others in this living planet.

Unfortunately, we also need to learn about the beauty and amazement of these animal creatures.

If we talk about stunning or interesting animals in the world, pigs surely had their own representative to consider. Not many of us knew this, but there exists a unique species of pig with remarkable character to grab our attention. Did you know what this kind of pig with interesting breed is? Well, they call their species as the Mangalica or also recognized as Mangalitsa or Mangalitza pig.

According to the history of this kind of animal, their origin came from the Kingdom of Hungary. It actually the interesting cross breed of Bakony and Szalonta (wild boars in Europe) and Sumadjia (pig breed from Serbia). Because of featuring thick and woolly coat in the body, they also call this as “A Pig Sheep.” It reveals the same looks of a real sheep and this definitely making it looks intriguing.

Based on the published information online through, a Mangalica pig is a type of animal creature that grows into medium to large size and with fine sturdy skeletal system. At early age about more than a year, it can develop up to 160-200 kilograms and up to 300 kilograms when developing more fats. To its maximum body weight, it can weigh up to 500 kilograms to its biggest size.

The recorded data about the history of the Mangalitza pigs revealed that they recognized them as distinctive breed of pig in year 1927, although the Austro-Hungarian Empire is responsible in developing these animals way back in 1833. As years pass by, other countries had shown interesting to grow these pigs such as the United States in 2007. This is only the time when the people of America decided to allow these types of animals to enter their territory.

In year 2010, the United States again made a decision to import the Reds or Blondes breed from Austria and this development gave way for the Netherlands to import their own Mangalica pigs as well.

The shared information online likewise revealed that it is not easy to request for Mangalica breeding in Hungary before and they only permitted this transaction in 2014. This happens under the Pure Mangalitsa LLC & MOE and Hungarian National Association of Mangalitsa Breeders agreed term. However, this agreement does not allow live pigs import between the US and Hungary due to the existing protocol.

To date, Hungary is one of the nations under European Union and so it is making an effort to follow the protocols from other countries worldwide.

According to the published report through, they also recognize the Mangalica as the “Old World Breed Pig” and an indigenous Hungarian animal. With this thick coat and lard, it definitely resembles a sheep and the curly hair looks interesting to see.

In year 1990, Hungary nearly experienced the extinction of these pigs when their numbers went down to 198 only. Because of this alarming issue, an animal geneticist from Hungary developed a program to urge dedicated farmers to save their living breed and raise their animals using natural methods such as allowing them to eat green pastures. Since then, there had been different programs that helped in saving the Mangalica in the country.

To date, Hungary is capable of producing more than 50,000 of these pigs each year and remains as one of the best animal meats that many people are eating worldwide. Because the meat of a Mangalitsa tastes good, they recognized it as the “Kobe Beef of Pork.”


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