Michel Lotito – The Man who Ate 9-tons of Metal Objects

According to some published information online about “Supernatural,” this is actually a kind of unexplained or miraculous occurrence and can involve a particular human being. Even before the ancient Greeks many years ago, they had the opportunity to witness people with unbelievable strength or power that make them special than ordinary individuals in this planet.

Because “supernatural” human beings can break rules and do impossible things, even scientists think that they are delusional creations who are living on earth to prove their greatness while they exist.

From the published data through guinessworldrecords.com, one of the most amazing and unbelievable human beings who ever lived on this planet is Michel Lotito of Grenoble, France. As detailed online, they recognize him as “Monsieur Mangetout” (French term) and it means in English as “Mr. Eat-All.” Do you know the reason why? It is because Michel was able to eat different types of objects made from metal, glass, rubber and other types of materials that an ordinary human being cannot eat.

In nearly 40 years when he is still alive, he consumed an estimated total of 9 tons of metal such as the following:

  • 18 bicycles
  • 7 TV sets
  • 2 Beds
  • 15 Shopping pushcarts
  • 6 Chandeliers
  • 1 Computer
  • 1 Coffin
  • and 1 complete airplane, which is really unimaginable

He began eating massive amount of metal things since 1966 and the airplane he ate is the Cessna 150 aircraft wherein ye needed almost two years to consume the entire plane that time.

When talking about the most intriguing factor about this unbelievable Frenchman, the result of y-ray of the Gastroenterologists revealed that, the stomach of Lotito is capable of consuming nearly 2 pounds of metal in a day. This is absolutely a stunning revelation because no other human being in the world who can level or posses the same capacity.

Records likewise proved that he is suffering from “Pica” a known eating disorder, but it is a rare type of health condition in this world.

As early as 1959 when he is still a teenager, he already ate different types of objects made of various materials and he is just an incomparable human being to eat tons of metal until the year 1997.

Michel has his own technique before eating a metal object and that is to breaking it into pieces before he starts eating all the pieces until he finish them all. Instead of drinking normal water immediately, he will then drink mineral oil and followed with water. According to the information through Wikipedia.org, the mineral oil serves as the lubricating substance to make it easier for Michel to swallow the metal while eating.

This incredible human being from France can also eat regular meals if he desire, but mostly prepare eating unusual objects as part of his regular diet regimen.

Without any doubt, Michel Lolito is one of the most stunning human beings because of his “supernatural” ability to eat different types of objects like rubbers, glasses and particularly metals. Because of this, he marked his name in the world and continuously living in the hearts and minds of millions of people who learned about him.

As detailed through dependable websites that publish histories online, he died after celebrating his 75th birthday on June 25, 2007. They buried him at the Saint Roch Cemetery in his hometown Grenoble, France and the French people truly loved him for what he achieved, which include the award given by the Guinness Book of World Records.

If there is one thing that intrigues the people about his death, it is all about dying caused by a normal health condition and not because of eating unusual objects.


Credit image and video: YouTube

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