Panama Canal – Connecting Hundreds of Nations Worldwide

When you get the chance to visit the continent of Central America, perhaps one of the most interesting and visited places here is Panama. Many people who discovered this place considered it as a gemstone of the Central American region because of its wonderful natural views, stunning beach resorts, authentic dishes and a popular tropical paradise in the world today.

If you visit here, among the best destinations or spots to explore is the legendary Panama Canal (Canal de Panamá). This is actually the most intriguing place to visit in the country because it offers different remarkable natural sceneries and a perfect den for worldwide tourists who want to spend their time here with their loved ones.

According to the published information through, the Republic of Panama owned this particular area and connecting both the Pacific as well as Atlantic oceans (through Isthmus of Panama). As detailed online, the overall measurement of the canal is about 56 kilometers (shoreline to shoreline) and about 82 kilometers from the Atlantic to Pacific oceans deep water.

Based on the information shared through Wikipedia, it was in year 1881 when France started to construct the canal. Unfortunately, they made a decision to stop the construction because of the higher rate of mortality and problems with the engineering department. In year 1904, the United States decided to continue the project and successfully completed it on August 15, 1914 to open it for public use.

For almost 65 years (1914 up to 1979), it was the American government that controlled this legendary Canal de Panamá alone. The authority only changed when the United States and Republic of Panama agreed to share the control under the Panama Canal Commission in year 1979, wherein both countries had a joint condition.

After nearly two decades, the United States permitted Panama to take control of the canal fully on December 31, 1999 and they created the Panama Canal Authority, which is solely responsible in controlling the entire area.

When talking about the geographic location of the Panama Canal, it functions similarly to the Suez Canal as a very important strategic waterway for many vessels and ships coming from the coasts (East and West) of America.

This particular artificial water passage is a vital structure for various countries that need to travel their cargo loads or shipments faster. Like in the United States, the ships coming here had reduced their travel time up to 6,500 kilometers voyage and not the usual 15,000 kilometers traveling period. The ships do not need to pass South Africa’s Cape Horn when passing through Panama Canal.

As for the ships or vessels coming from Australia, East Asia or Europe, they can travel using the canal and save about 3,700 kilometers voyage to reach their point of destinations.

The continuing progress of the country had helped them to make some improvement to the existing Panama Canal and on June 26, 2016, the government made a huge infrastructure project known as Expanded Canal. With this kind of expansion, it allows the capacity of the canal to increase and boosting the trading needed for the maritime, particularly those huge ships or cargo vessels that passes here.

In addition to that, the canal became an effective waterway to provide quicker access to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in doubling the numbers of cargo vessels without experiencing traffic load. According to the published data through, the Expanded Canal likewise improved the water supply, navigation channels and functionalities of the Pacific Access Channel.

Without a doubt, the Panama Canal is the gateway to hundreds of nations worldwide and connecting nearly 1,700 port areas efficiently. This is definitely the most important reason why they constructed this amazing and historical Panama-based canal.


Credit video and image: YouTube

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