Peregrine Falcon – The Fastest Bird in Animal Kingdom

With the millions of animal species in the world, perhaps one of the most interesting species to discover involves the birds of prey. Surely, these are very impressive animal creatures with the capacity to fly up in the sky with immense level of speed. These birds are stronger, faster, smarter and unleveled senses.

The different species of birds come into various groups and diversities. When talking about the most popular ones, these include the Eagles, Hawks and Falcons. Of course, there are hundreds if not thousands of these species in the world that truly captivate the interest of millions of bird lovers out there.

If we discuss about the most stunning or intriguing birds on earth, we cannot deny that the Peregrine Falcon is among them. According to the published information through, this type of falcon is a very fearsome hunter that is capable of preying other types of birds and animal creatures, while in the middle of flying.

As soon as it targeted its prey above the sky, it will penetrate the victim even from the farther sight and makes a drop down fly to capture the prey. Of course, the most stunning part of this powerful hunting bird is that it can move up to 242 miles per hour (over 389 km/h) with swift diving, as recorded by the National Geographic TV show.

This undoubtedly makes it the fastest animal kingdom member on earth.

From the information shared through Wikipedia, the scientific name of Peregrine Falcon is Falco Peregrinus and recognized as Duck Hawk found in North America based on history. Their origin came from the Falconidae family and a widespread types of bird of prey. From the revealed overall description of this kind of falcon, the back of a large-sized crown Peregrine Falcon is blue-grey, black-colored head and the under parts feature barred white color. They also have visible juveniles with intriguing vertical streaks on the breast.

Based on the description also, a female type is bigger than the male one and known sexually dimorphic. When talking about the range breeding, they can breed from different tropics up to the Arctic tundra island. Even though they usually exist worldwide, they do not stay in higher mountains and in places where there is ice or snow.

On this matter, they consider these bird species as one of the widespread raptors in the world. Likewise, these are the most impressive creatures on earth because they know how to take advantage when living in an urban wildlife to hunt their prey successfully. In most cases, they love staying or nesting on massive building structures, cliffs, water towers and other high-rising skyscrapers.

This is the reason why they are very popular in the northern part of America.

Without any doubt, a Peregrine Falcon is capable of capturing medium-sized prey in mid-air through spectacular diving known as stoops. When staying in crowded cities or places, it can impressively capture a pigeon or a duck with an immense swift coming from the sky with remarkable speed.

According to the published data through, people who capture these types of falcons are using them in falconry sport before. Right after the end of World War II (WWII), they begin to decline in their population worldwide and from the research they conducted about the case; they decline in numbers because of the DDT pesticide.

They obtained such pesticide from their avian prey and this type of harmful chemical affected their tissues and made them vulnerable to complete their breeding. Aside from the DDT, they also suffer due to a different pesticide called dieldrin, as detailed through Encyclopedia Britannica.

Despite of the issues about these Peregrine Falcons, they remain as one of the most interesting bird species in the world and existing in various continents and coastlines.


Credit image: Defenders of Wildlife

Credit video: YouTube

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