Phillip Frawley – The Oldest Active Jet Fighter Pilot at 65

If we talk about jet fighter pilots, we cannot deny that these people have unlevel braveness and impressive skills in aerial warfare. They can fight against the rivals not in the ground, up in the air and this is not an easy obligation because it involved fearless combat fighting in the sky.

Of course, a skillful fighter pilot is capable of handling an unbelievable speed when maneuvering into the air to conquer all the possible enemies.

To become a successful pilot of a jet fighter, it is important for an interested person to pass all the level of required examinations to qualify and become a licensed pilot. Besides the written examinations, there are actual test flights and these are often the most crucial stages for the final judgment to determine if a candidate is eligible to become a certified jet fighter pilot.

When discussing about historic achievements of some renowned pilots in the world, one of the most intriguing person is Phillip Frawley. This Australian native holds the record of being the oldest serving jetfighter pilot in the world at the age of 65.

Since August 1, 2017, he is one of the active members of the 76 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force Base Williamtown in New South Wales, Australia. At present, he is the main pilot of the Hawk 127 and the RAAF Base truly admired his determination and courage towards his career.

According to the shared information through, Phil has a special characteristic since his childhood to become a successful pilot in history. When he is still young, he loves spending time creating aircraft models and always dream about controlling an airplane someday. Without any question, Frawley proved the world that he can achieve his goal and began working as a technician for airplanes. In July 1974, he got an opportunity to take the Royal Australian Air Force 92 Pilots Course and this gave way to his successful career.

Unlike many other elders out there who retired as pilots already, Phil has a different kind of mindset because he is not yet stopping in his profession. He has not think about his retirement because he is still enjoying his time flying in the air and seeing himself active in his favorite workplace when on the ground.

Back in October 2012, the Guinness Book of World Records awarded him as the oldest active flying jetfighter pilot and accomplished 9,200 flying hours to his name. The Australian born courageous pilot is 61 year olds when he received such prestigious and historical recognition.

Despite his age now, Phil is not yet finish in his dream to completing his reserves and does not really mind about the discomfort or pain he experienced, as part of getting older.

“You have to maintain a good level of fitness to do what we do. Pulling g-force and fighting with your aircraft is tiring. Do two or three trips a day and I guarantee you’ll be ready for bed,” said the 65-year-old active pilot as quoted by online.

“For training purposes we normally pull about 5G but the aircrafts are capable of pulling eight. That’s eight times your body weight. Your head weighs about 15-18kg so multiply that by eight – it’s a pretty impressive thing,” he added.

“It’s definitely a unique occupation but not for me. I’ve been doing it for 40-odd years and I consider it a bit of an addiction because I can’t get enough. It’s going to be a sad day when I get kicked out of the gate for the last time,” ended by Phil during his explanation.

Truly, the story and success of Phillip Frawley is unparalleled already and perhaps nobody can surpass him as the oldest jet fighter pilot in the world who is still actively serving.


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