Poison Dart Frogs – Discover the Most Poisonous Yet Beautiful Frog Species

Many of us are surely familiar with the different frogs because they usually live in the ponds, lakes, streams and rivers, among other places where they can survive. Another interesting fact about them is that during rainy seasons, they produce loud croaking sounds and usually disturbing us when sleeping.

If you come across to discover one of the most interesting species of frogs, this has to be the beautiful yet dangerous poison dart frog. According to the shared researched information online about these poisonous frogs, they can become fatal to human beings due to their poisonous elements.

Based on the data about them, these poison dart frogs do not live in the continent of United States and mostly seen in Brazil and Costa Rica, as they enjoy living in the tropical forests. In some cases, people in Hawaii can see a few of these frogs but not that often.

What are Poison Dart Frogs?

According to the information shared by researches online, these Poison Dart Frogs can feature varying colors such as gold, red, yellow, blue, green, black and even copper. With their colorful bodies with flamboyant designs, it is not easy for their predators to attack them. Research experts who discovered them said that the combination of their colors is what they recognize as “Aposematic” wherein the colorations easily scare their predators.

These particular frogs look so lovely and cute because they do not grow big and remain small, which is their normal body figure that is less than an inch sometimes. However, some of them may develop longer but not that much because they only develop smaller.

Are All Poison Dart Frogs Toxic?

Scientifically, not all kinds of species of these frogs are toxic, but some of them are dangerously toxic and can kill a human being. Based on research, the Phyllobates Terribilis found in Colombia is the most toxic specie and featuring vibrant yellow color. If a human being touches it, this can be harmful and even deadly.

Is It Possible to Consider a Poison Dart Frog as Home Pet?

Although not many of us will believe, there are folks who search or buy Poison Dart Frogs as their home pet. However, these types of pets are those captive as bred and non-toxic. This is the reason why it is very important to learn about these particular Poison Dart Frogs before including them as pets at home. They say that these creatures can survive up to 10-15 years, depending on the environment they have.

How these Frogs Reproduce?

They say that a female poison dart frog usually places her laid eggs on the soil or other suitable area to allow them complete the ritual of mating. Looking at their eggs, they are similar to other eggs that feature a sticky and gel-like substance. Before hatching, the eggs remain intact for about two weeks and checked on by a parent on a regular basis. In most cases, the male frog does the checking as part of his routines to make sure the eggs are safe.

When it is time to hatch, the new tadpoles transfers on to the back of the male parent and transported on the back safely to keep them in the right place. The male parent completes the transferring securely to make sure the tadpoles do not slip during the process. Like any other types of frogs in the world, these Poison Dart Frogs live in place such as old tires, bromeliad and holes from various trees, or any place with wet environment.

As you can see, we may consider these Poison Dar Frogs as one of the most beautiful living creatures on earth, despite featuring poisonous elements. Their appearance can easily captivate the naked eyes of a human being who gets the chance to discover them.

Credit video: Brave Wilderness/YouTube

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