S-Inverter Air Conditioner with 8-Pole Digital Inverter Technology

If you are a homeowner and made a decision to invest the most suitable air conditioning unit on the market, you find it difficult to choose because of the numerous available brands on the market today. This is very particular if you are a first-time buyer and you cannot easily pick out because you still need to compare the offered products.

On this, you must be willing to spend time in reviewing them cautiously.

When talking about the best AC units with advanced technological features, we cannot deny that the newest S-Inverter Air Conditioner with 8-Pole Digital Inverter Technology of Samsung is one of the best. This is actually the world’s first AC that features an 8-Pole motor system that provides the most suitable cooling comfort and saves more energy as opposed to its counterparts.

As detailed through news.samsung.com, this latest air conditioning unit by Samsung is capable of cooling a room that is about 30%-40% faster than most non-inverter AC unit can offer. Because it has a Power-Boost technology system, it can speed up the time to cool the compressor immediately, provides quite function, no friction and no vibration when the unit is running.

With this kind of technological air conditioner in your home, you can definitely reduce your spending when paying for your electricity bills.

During an interview with Jimmy Tan as posted by Samsung Newsroom Malaysia online in May 9, 2017, he truly revealed the kind of advancement that the company is looking forward.

“As a global leader in technology, Samsung strive towards creating meaningful innovations for our consumers through a deep understanding of what people need and want. Living in a tropical country, Malaysians seek for comfort in the form of air-conditioners but their main concerns are the cooling speed and their electricity bills. With the introduction of our first S-Inverter Air-Conditioner with 8-Pole Digital Inverter technology, we hope we can put our consumers’ minds at ease”, Jimmy Tan said as quoted by news.samsung.com online.

Tan is Samsung Malaysia Electronics’ Head of Consumer Electronics Business Unit.

From the information shared through techvorm.com, the S-Inverter Air Conditioner 8-Pole Digital Inverter Technology boasts an impressive condenser known as the DuraFin. Contrary to the many typical condensers out there, this is more durable and resistant to corrosion, which makes it long lasting. With its bigger condenser, it is capable of handling even the hottest temperature outside the house (up to 52 Celsius).

In addition to this condenser feature, it has an improved Voltage Protector to make sure the unit does not experience voltage fluctuations and use it without fretting about power failure.  On this kind of advantage, you will surely have a good sleep at night and wake up in the morning without feeling uncomfortable.

Another interesting factor about this Samsung-developed air conditioning system is that it can eliminate the bacteria, functions like a virus protector because of its 3-Care Filter to prevent the viruses and can clean the dirt alone with its auto-clean feature.

Should you be using it during heavy rains or extreme bad weather condition, this technological AC by Samsung has a system known as Triple Protector Plus and it can deal with any sort of weather effectively. About its Digital Inverter Compressor, the company provides a 10-year warranty and this is definitely an advantage.

Regarding the price range of this kind of AC, it cost about $1200-$1300 and it usually depends on the series to buy.

Keep in mind that when investing for an air conditioner, never think about the price alone because you need to determine the lifespan, efficiency and energy saving as well.


Credit video: YouTube

Credit image: Samsung

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