Seven Seas Explorer – The Most Luxurious Ship Ever Built

Are you planning for an extravagant holiday vacation and not your usual choice for a unique experience? Do you want to stay in a lavish suite room and enjoy the scrumptious foods they serve all day long? If you want the best answers for these questions, you ought to consider a vacation while onboard to a luxurious cruise line in the world.

Without any doubt, enjoying a holiday in one of the most expensive cruise ships on earth will let you spend more money, but the experience is worth it and unforgettable. One reason is that you get the chance to visit different beautiful places, discover stunning views and visit other countries as part of the itinerary.

If you want a surefire extravagant cruising vacation, one of the best cruise lines to consider include the best rated cruising ship like the stunning Regent Seven Seas Explorer. As detailed by, this particular ocean liner is perhaps the most luxurious vessel built in this world.

According to the information shared about this extravagant ship, it cost nearly $425 million and can accommodate almost 750 passengers who can definitely appreciate their trip while onboard.

The main operator of this remarkable cruise line is the Regent Seven Seas Cruises and built by Sestri Pontente, Fincantieri and Genova, which they completed in June 30, 2016. The Princess of Monaco (Here Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco) is the major sponsor of this liner and they christened it on July 16, 2016 from the beautiful port of Majuro in Marshall Island.

Looking at the entire interior of the Seven Seas Explorer, it has an elegant overall feature and allows its passengers to live in a glamorous environment while sailing the ocean. When talking about the foods they serve, it offers the finest dining restaurants and serving a variety of international cuisines for the satisfaction of all the tourists or passengers. If offers a first-class and unique service for a satisfying itinerary, while enjoying the finest gourmet dishes to complete a luxurious getaway.

One of the most interesting fine dining is the popular Compass Rose Restaurant, which serves the most scrumptious cuisines such as the whole Dover sole and Black Angus Beef Strip Loin.

Likewise, it boasts a massive balcony that can definitely offer a stunning view. Of course, it also feature advanced technology elements for the benefit of all those people who want to use the Internet, watch movies, play games and a lot more to do.

When talking about the most luxurious suite rooms inside this cruise liner, these are the Veranda Suites, Explorer Suite, Concierge Suite I and Regent Suite, among others. All of these rooms offer satisfying ambiance and stay, but it is important to prepare enough money because these are costly. Just imagine staying inside a room that lets you spend about $10,000 and up for a single night stay.

There are also suites with a private in-house spa for a relaxing day.

Another intriguing decoration inside the ship is the breathtaking design of the Pacific Rim that can truly capture the attention of any passenger upon seeing the beautiful and luxurious décor on the ceiling. The Explorer likewise boasts hundreds of glittering chandeliers as well as almost 2,200 stunning artworks, as detailed through

Image the opportunity to cruise the ocean and rediscovering the works of famous artists like Picasso and Chagall inside a luxurious ocean liner.

The overall weight of this cruising line is about 55,254 tons, measures about 224 meters long, has 13 decks, with top speed of 23.5 knots and has 552 crew members onboard. One person who is responsible for building this luxurious cruise ship is Frank J. Del Rio, who is the CEO and President of the Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.


Credit video: Regent Seven Seas Cruisers/YouTube

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