Siberian Husky – A Working and Resilient Type of Dog

If you are a dog lover or enthusiast, you surely be interested in learning about the breed of Siberian Huskies.  As the name itself suggests, a Siberian husky is dog breed that originate from Siberia. According to history, the Chukchi people train these types of dogs way back hundreds years ago to pull their sleds while passing the snowy mountains.

Based on the information shared about Chukchi people (recognized as Russians also), they are indigenous human beings from semi-nomadic tribe and had been using the Siberian Huskies in pulling sleds from the light loads when they need to travel in long distance. On this kind of benefit, it makes it easier for these people to have great support and companion in their tribe.

From the recorded data through the DNA test, research experts revealed that these Siberian dogs are one of the oldest breeds in the world.

The history of the Siberian Huskies in the United States began in 1909 when they took part in the popular All Alaska Sweepstakes Race. During that that, they included a number of these huskies from Alaska for their initial appearance in America and in 1910, these breeds won the same competition and this is the beginning of their popularity.

Perhaps the most interesting characteristics of these dogs include their remarkable speed when moving and impressive endurance.

The American Kennel Club made a decision to recognize the breed of a Siberian Husky in year 1930 and this gained them tremendous fame. Since then, many are continuously using these breeds in various outdoor activities such as carting, sledding and different dog races, among others.

Nowadays, there are dog enthusiasts who choose the Alaskan Huskies in joining many races today, besides the Siberian Huskies because they train them with remarkable speed for the competitions. Because of this, there are organizers who made a decision to establish dog contests, specifically allowing the Siberian Huskies only.

Some people who own these types of dogs train them as companions when they hike or trek, while others use them as therapy dogs with devotion behavior.

There are folks who compare the Alaskan Malamutes with these Siberia-native dogs, but the first breed actually posses heavy structure and use for various draft works and not avoid speed competition. Likewise, a Siberian Husky has a distinctive or unique overall appearance and their double coated body is capable of controlling the temperature of both cold and hot weather condition.

The usual height of the Siberian Huskies is about 21-23 inches at the withers and a female breed is a bit small than a male one. The female breed weighs about 35-50 pounds, while a male can weighs up to 60 pounds depending on the built. According to the recorded data, their height is shorter than their length because this is important to balance itself and for athleticism purposes.

When talking about the colors of their eyes, some of the breeds have brown or bluish eyes and in some cases, some of them have speckle-colored eyes. The white mask that surrounds their face can help in enhancing the color of their eyes and this is somehow impressive.

Their facial expressions can be alert, friendly and rogue sometimes.

A decision to own a Siberian Husky needs lot of courage and patience because this kind of dog breed requires different strenuous activities to keep it active and fit. Popular as a sled dog, the owner needs to have enough stamina to cope with the kind of lifestyle that this type of dog has.

In all, Siberian Huskies are trainable and obedient, yet it is very important to determine their behavioral traits when they become aggressive or intimidated.

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