Southern Crowned Pigeon – An Amazing Bird Species with Unique Features

If you are one of the millions of bird lovers out there, you surely know that these are popular as inquisitive and social living creatures on earth. This is probably one reason why more and more people are thinking about birds as ideal home pets because they can entertain and offer a relaxing environment, especially in the garden.

Just like any other living creatures in this planet, birds have different species, varying basic needs, need proper care and housing, among others. Therefore, it is important to understand these factors before you make a decision to search and invest for any kind of bird that you wish to own.

When talking about unique and amazing bird species in the world, we can definitely include the beautiful Southern Crowned Pigeon or scientifically known as “Goura Scheepmakeri.” As detailed through reliable websites that provide information about this bird species, it originates from the Kingdom Animalia and from the Columbidae Family discovered by Otto Finsch back in 1876.

Friedrich Hermann Otto Finsch is a famous naturalist, ethnographer and a colonial explorer from Germany. He discovered a living bird through the effort of C. Scheepmaker, who is a known dealer for the Amsterdam Zoo before. Otto then made a decision to name the Southern Crowned Pigeon after the name of the dealer, as detailed on the published information online.

Based on the description of this bird through, this type of terrestrial pigeon lives in the lowland-forested areas and found mostly in the southern portion of Papua New Guinea. The appearance description is that it has a red iris, bluish-grey plumage and its breast featuring deep maroon color.

About the actual size, a Southern Crowned Pigeon can grow up to 28 inches in length and with a body weight of almost 5 pounds. Because it is a huge type of bird, hunters are searching for their locations and killing them to get meat for their food consumptions.

This kind of illegal activity is now rising and so they are nearly in extinction.

Despite the beauty and unique appearance of this type of pigeon, their species is beginning to vanish due to deforestation, continues illegal hunting for the consumption of human beings. According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, the Southern Crowned Pigeons are becoming vulnerable and endangers for the past few years.

This is the reason why we need to learn on how to protect them if we want them to continue living in this planet. It is important for the local government also where these birds are residing to monitor any illegal activity that can harm these bird species seriously.

An opportunity to learn more about the different facts about birds is remarkable because they have intriguing behaviors and skills. They also help in embellishing our forests because of their amazing features and have varying classes. Besides the amazing Southern Crowned Pigeon, there are existing parrots, hummingbirds, bluebirds, sparrows and frigate birds, among other to enjoy in the world.

It is our responsibility as humans to take care of these species and allow our future generation to witness them as well.


Credit image: International Dove Society

Credit video: YouTube




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