Terence Tao – The World’s Most Intelligent Person in 2017

They say that math is a kind of a confusing and an unusual subject matter taught by a teacher to the students. It actually has no clear history or explanation, but there are unique human beings in the world who have such incomparable mathematic skills.

Without any doubt, mathematics had existed for many years and already marked its recognition in this living planet. It is now one of the most influential and powerful tool, which every human being needs to understand and acknowledge. Despite not having a comprehensive definition, it remains the most important subject matter to learn about numbers, structures, quantities and computations, among others.

If we think about gifted or genius people in the world and capable of doing math without difficulty, we can undoubtedly say that Terence Tao is among them. To proved his mathematic skills, this 42-year-old Australian-American currently topping the list of the most intelligent persons in the world. Tao is actually born in Adelaide in South Australia, but now living in Los Angeles, California.

He is a product of Flinders University (BA, MA) and Princeton University (PhD).

According from the published information online about his Intelligent Quotient (IQ), he has an unbelievable 230 points in IQ and making him the smartest human being this 2017. This Australian-American is without a doubt a unique mathematician also because he is currently holding the chair of the James and Carol Collins mathematics at the University of California in Los Angeles, since 2015.

Based on the information shared through Wikipedia.org, Terrence is a master of partial different equations, geometric combinatorics, harmonic analysis, compressed sensing, algebraic combinatorics, analytic number theory and arithmetic combinatorics. In addition, this math genius became popular due to his Green-Tao theorem, Kakeya Conjecture, Tao’s Inequity and Erdos Discrepancy Problem.

They also recognized this mathematician as Terry Tao and perhaps one of the reasons why he has impressive abilities in numbers is that his father is a paediatrician who research about gifted and autistic children in an effort to provide the right education for these young people.

The name of his father is Billy Tao who is an original Chinese and married to his mother Grace, a degree holder of mathematics and physics and a native of Hong Kong, as detailed through history.mcs.st-andrews.ac.uk. It was in year 1972 when they migrated in Australia and in July 17, 1975, Grace Tao gave birth to Terence who is their eldest child.

The 42-year-old mathematic genius showed impressive skills during his childhood days. As explained by his parents, he began teaching 5-year-old kid when Terry is still 2-year-old. He has the capacity to teach them in spelling and adding numbers, which he revealed learning his teaching skills through the TV show of Sesame Street.

Since then, he continue to prove his intriguing mathematics knowledge and upon reaching the age of 8, he is already a reader of the “Calculus” (a known hardback book) and this is definitely not usual for a child of his same age. Terence showed his school then Blackwood High School that he is an extraordinary child because his capacity to define group of numbers and solve problems through graphic sketches through differential calculus, as stated by history.mcs.st-andrews.ac.uk online.

At the age of 10, Terry or Terence is already a competitor in the International Mathematical Olympiads and winning bronze (1986), silver (1987) and gold (1988). Because of this, he became the youngest competitor in this prestige Olympiad to win a gold medal.

The countless recognitions and achievements of Tao are truly remarkable to discover because they proved his worth as the smartest person in the planet today. At present, he is happily married with his wife Laura and with his 2 kids.

Surely, there are many geniuses in math out there and Terence Tao is on top of the listing.


Credit image and video: YouTube

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