The Historical Aphrodite’s Rock (Petra Tou Romiou) in Cyprus

It is true that many of us are still not familiar with the stunning places and attractions to discover in a beautiful country like Cyprus. When talking about the most visited tourist destination here, there is no doubt that visitors from across the globe are enjoying their time at the amazing Petra Tou Romiou or popularly known as the “Aphrodite’s Rock.”

According to the history of this place, it is a kind of sea stack and found in the area of Paphos in Cyprus near Limassol also. Because it is within the beautiful setting of the shore line of the ocean, many tourists are visiting here to discover this massive rock formation, which they believed existed many years ago. Based on the mythological information also, the Petra Tou Romiou or Rock of the Roman is the place of birth of Goddess of Ancient Greek Aphrodite.

Countless of people who love the Mother Nature are visiting the place and enjoy swimming with their loved ones at the calm ocean. The water is so intriguing and foaming for the delight of the swimmers who spend time here. However, there are reports that tourists can only touch and take picture near the rock formation, but not allowed to climb on it.

Based on the shared information about the history of this stunning rock fragments in Cyprus, the Aphrodite’s Rock came from the lower portion of the body of Cronus when he killed Uranus (his own father) by cutting him below his waist. Because Uranus wanted to escape from death, he made an effort to run away, but some of his body parts and his testicles were left in the ocean where the Petra Tou Romiou exists today.

Legends believe that it was Gaia or the Mother Earth who ordered Cronus (one of his sons) to mutilate Uranus that time.

There are also stories that anyone who decided to swim around the massive rock formation will have the opportunity to have an eternal beauty from the blessing of Venus or Aphrodite. The Romans significantly recognize Aphrodite as Venus as well. There are actually countless of legendary stories about the Rock of the Roman or Petra Tou Romiou and they all have interesting facts and interpretations on how the rock fragments appeared on the ocean of the southwest coast of Phapos.

This is perhaps the reason why they considered the place sacred because of its existence for the past many years already.

According from the information shared through, the rising, breaking and forming of the waves in the ocean always depend on the weather conditions in the place. The waves usually dissolve like pillar of foams and the stunning feature is that the formations looks like massive human shapes in the water. This is what makes the Rock of the Roman or Aphrodite’s Rock becoming more intriguing to discover and explore.

Legendary stories also reveal that the Petra Tou Romiou originates from a Byzantine hero named Digenis Akritas, who is one of the most courageous frontier guards of the Greek and he threw the giant rocks in the ocean, which later on became massive fragments. This frontier warrior of guard needed to do this act to destroy the ship of the Arabian forces known as the Sarakinians because they want to invade Cyprus during that ancient time.

Regardless of what legendary story or historical fact to believe about this amazing tourist destination in Cyprus, the most important thing is that it is one of the most beautiful places to discover in the European region and in the world. Countless of holidaymakers and travelers these days who come to Cyprus are visiting the breathtaking crystal clear water of the ocean where the Petra Tou Romiou exist.


Credit image and video: YouTube

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