The World’s Most Genius Human Being (220 IQ) – Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

When talking about genius or intelligent people in history, we cannot deny that they are countless of them because we already have billions of populations across the world. On the other hand, there are exceptional human beings with natural thinking and unparalleled ability, which make them easily stand out from the others.

According to history, the world’s most intelligent or genius human being is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Wolfgang is a native of Frankfurt in Germany and born on August 28, 1749 who died on March 22, 1832. Goethe is a prominent writer, poet, novelist, diplomat, philosopher and a courageous civil servant during his time.

He is the responsible in creating the first ever novel entitled “The Sorrows of Young Werther” for the Strum and Drang Movement.

History recognized this German native as the most intelligent human being in the world because his IQ level is almost 220. He become more popular because of his impressive mindset when it comes to literature writing, but he is also one of the respected individuals in terms of scientific studies. Johann Wolfgang is a master of Geology and had spend time discovering about Minerals whom he succeed based on his collection of documents.

From the shared information online through, is a rare human being when talking about Literature and his is very prominent genius in terms of his unique principles, which he demonstrated from his works before. Because of his intelligence, he is one of the most respected and famous persons in the European region and he became a key in the successful German Literature these days.

History likewise revealed that the father of Johann Wolfgang is a huge influence in his intelligent mind and successful career. His father’s name is Johann Casper Goethe who is a known lawyer and helped him develop his skills through educating the young Goethe at home until the year 1765. He became his personal tutor during that time wherein he revealed his impressive talent in literature during his childhood days.

The most intelligent and genius went Leipzig University where he studied Law just like his father. Unfortunately, his health condition prevented him from completing his studies and decided to stay home until he recovered. In 1171, he made a decision to continue what he had started in his education and finished his course at the University of Strasbourg.

With his exceptional skills in literature, he is one of the acquainted or familiar young poets and critics in Germany.

In year 1775, the Duke Karl August of Weimar sent an invitation to the young Goethe to become an employee in his courthouse. For almost a decade, he work harder as a responsible employee who handled different positions such as being an administrator, privy counselor and the Ministries of Finance, Agriculture and Mines’ head officer. Despite the pressures, the most genius man in history showed enough courage, perseverance and skills in handling various problems; thus, providing the best possible solutions through his intellect.

Goethe has his own pride and independence by not allowing the Duke to control his knowledge.

Although Goethe is enjoying his work with Duke Karl August, he somehow felt that his positions and responsibilities are already blocking the pathways of his literature career. He began noticed that he is not capable of completing his works in literature already and cannot think of new ideas to impose on his plans.

In year 1786, he made a decision to leave his jobs in Weimar and stayed in Italy for almost 2 years to pursue his art work.  The good thing about Goethe and the Duke is that they never cut ties that time even if they part ways after almost 11 years of working together.

Johan Wolfgang returned to his homeland and continued his literary works, which made him a prominent German individual in history. He died at the age of 82 and left his spouse Christine Vulpius with four children because one of them died already in 1830 even before he perished in 1832.


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