Tunnel of Love in Ukraine – A Romantic Destination for Couples

If we search for the most interesting places to visit in the Eastern part of Europe, we cannot deny that among these places include Ukraine. According to the recorded statistics in the European region, Ukraine is actually the second biggest nation in the Eastern portion and offers remarkable traditions as well as intriguing cultures.

This is perhaps one reason on why many tourists are eager to visit here.

When discussing about one of the most amazing destinations or landmarks in this beautiful country, this certainly includes the stunning Tunnel of Love and found in Klevan, Ukraine. This is actually an impressive natural masterpiece that features a historic railway, which the Ukrainian Railways (UZ) operates until today.

Despite being an ordinary railway for the past years, this is now one of the most popular and romantic tourist destinations in Ukraine as well as around the globe. Perhaps the most stunning feature of the Tunnel of Love is that existing green arches that surround the entire tunnel within almost 3-5 kilometers stretch. For people who had visited the place, they consider is as a perfect spot for loving couples who enjoy walking together.

Looking at the actual image of the entire tunnel, it represents a breathtaking photographic view that is captivating to discover by the naked eyes. When waking through the tunnel, it heads directly to an existing fiberboard factory (known as the Orzhevsk Woodworking Plant) after passing through it. Because it looks like a stunning green-colored corridor, it is impossible for any person to show his or her interest upon visiting the place.

According to the information shared through pandotrip.com, if a couple visited the Tunnel of Love and made their wish, the tunnel grants the wish later on as a dream coming true. On this, many people are accompanying their loved ones here to visit the small town of Klevan in Ukraine where this romantic destination is located.

As detailed through the website Ukraine Kiev Tour online, the perfect time of year to visit and enjoy the place is during May until August (for the full green view) and September until October (for the yellowish and green view of the tunnel). The overall appearance of the Tunnel of Love is remarkable because they only trim the stems and trees, which makes it more interesting to see.

Of course, many people here are visiting all year round because it really looks beautiful whether it is summer, spring or autumn in Ukraine. Many people likewise recognize this amazing tunnel as the “place of blessing” and the best getaway destination for lovers.

Ukraine is surely a captivating place to visit and explore in the Eastern part of Europe and aside from the Tunnel of Love, it boasts many modern cities, beautiful communities, stunning countryside and historical traditions. The country is also accommodating hundreds of visitor who are coming to Kiev and to the different nearby areas.

Like any other remarkable places in the world, it is very important to have an early booking to get the best accommodation and travel package.


Credit image: Inhabitat.com

Credit video: YouTube


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