USS South Dakota – The Most Technologically Advanced Attack Submarine

If we talk about powerful and sophisticated military equipment in the world, we cannot deny that the United States is one of the first nations to develop this type of equipment before. According to history, the Americans became successful in creating and developing their underwater boats back in the Revolutionary War as well as Civil War.

However, it was in year 1890 when Simon Lake and John Holland successfully developed the submersible boats that can practically operate underwater. This gave way to the United States to own its first ever submarine, which is the US Submarine Force after purchasing it to Holland. They introduced the submarine during a foundation day back in April 11, 1900.

The United States did not stop in developing and producing impressive military equipment and weapons since then. Like if we discuss about the most advanced attack submarine in the world today, the American just recently introduced the USS South Dakota (SSN 790) submarine. Based on the published information through, this is one of the latest 17th Virginia-class attack submarine as well as the 9th Virginia-class unit.

The official christening of the USS South Dakota happened last October 14, 2017 and conducted by the U.S. Navy. They held the ceremony at the General Dynamics Electric Boat Shipyard in Groton, Connecticut.

From the statement of Kris Osborn at the Scout Warrior, this newest underwater unit of America is the most advanced nuclear attack submarine and featured the latest innovative elements. It is one of its kind equipment and the U.S. Navy’s first ever technologically submarine.

As detailed by The Diplomat, the South Dakota features a technological quiet engine room, with bigger vertical array and its hull boasts the quieting coating materials. With the kinds of inventive features, it definitely makes this newest submarine as one of the stealthier underwater equipment during actual operations.

It also has more developed passive acoustic sensors from its heavy focus feature, wherein it is capable of detecting its rivals even in a faraway distance already. The U.S. Navy is likewise looking at the possibility of including drones that can operate underwater to help in detecting enemies moving in the ocean.

For many people who have knowledge about attack submarines, they also recognized these units as hunter-killer underwater equipments. They have the capacity to attack and sink their rivals because they have complete combat features and are popular as multi-functional warfare in the sea.

Of course, majority of the attack submarines have cruise missiles and nuclear weapons when it is necessary to sink an opposing submarine.

Going back the fastest and most advanced attack submarine of the United States, the information shared through revealed that the SSN 790 would be composing 269 people who are going to handle different positions onboard. There will be 15 officers, 132 crews, 117 enlisted personnel and 5 chefs in total. They are expecting all of these people to handle and accomplish their tasks during the actual operations.

This impressive advanced stealth submarine also features an impressive gallery, entertainment center, theater house, a swimming pool and other important amenities for the benefit of all the people onboard, while on service.

Regarding the actual size of the USS South Dakota, it measures about 370-feet in length, 34-feet in width and nearly 12-storey in height. As detailed through also, it weighs about 7,800 tons and capable of staying at the ocean for almost 90 days at one time.

Again, it is now one of the official submarine fleets of the U.S. Navy and based on the lifespan of this technologically advanced submarine, they are expecting it to last for more than three decades.


Image and video credit: YouTube


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