Vladimir Putin – 2017’s Most Powerful Human Being

Without any doubt, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin again emerged as the world’s most influential person and continuously surpassing his Western critics in his own superpower status.

Despite the blooming media lampoons and criticisms in the Western region against Putin, this is just helping his growing popularity to date. Regardless who is the leader of America; it seems that the head of the Russians is having countless of followers from the United States. Of course, he is even popular that Prime Minister David Cameron of the Great Britain.

According from the latest published listing of Forbes for the most influential person in the world, the Russian leader is again voted on top of the list for 4th consecutive years now.

The remarkable effort and knowledge of Putin truly captures the attention of many world leaders and citizens across the globe because of his great attitude and solid political will.

The former Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (KGB) officer and now 65-year-old Russian is an influence to many. According to the information about his political legacy, he became the Prime Minister of Russia Federation in year 1999 until 2000. He then again held the same position in year 2008 until the year 2012. From that same year, he became the President of Russia on May 7.

This courageous man is born on October 7, 1952, his father is a sailor and his mother is a factory worker from St. Petersburg (Leningrad before) with a simple living. Since his childhood days, his own teachers already saw his impressive self-confident as an 8-year old rebel from their place. Based on the information shared about his youngster life, he became the only student barred from Young Pioneers membership because of his own dissent.

As years pass by, Putin became an enthusiast to sports and a recipient of martial arts awards.

In year 1970, Putin went to pursue his career by studying for international law at the St. Petersburg State University. He completed his studies and graduated, then decided to continue his ambition to become an intelligence officer. In year 1975, he became one of the intelligence officers of the KGB and this gave way to his successful career after joining the group.

The KGB or in English term it means Committee for State Security is the primary security agency in Soviet Union, which they established on March 13, 1954. Unfortunately, they dissolve the group in year 1991 and the Council of Ministers took control of the state security with its own preceding agencies that time.

That same year after the Soviet Union collapsed, Putin made a decision to leave the group and he retired as a colonel. The most powerful person is an avid supporter of Anatoly Sobchak and so he went back to his hometown after his retirement. In year 1994, he became the first deputy mayor and the leader of external relations, which already marked his way in the world of politics.

In year 1996, Vladimir Putin received an invitation from then President Boris Yeltsin. He became the head of Russia’s Intelligence Service, which they now consider as the FSB. In 1999 after the dismissal of then PM Sergey Stapashin, they appointed as the new Prime Minister and in just 18 months in his post, he became the fifth head of government in Russia.

According to the information published through bio.com, the late President Boris Yeltsin that time made a decision to vacate his position and appointed Putin as the acting Russian president before the 2004 election. That same year, they re-elected him as the head of Russia and this started his impressive political knowledge until these days.

Despite the different issues about his style of leadership, many are still looking at him as a good leader with remarkable credibility and actions.

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Credit image: BBC

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