Wailua Falls – Stunning Waterfalls to Explore in Hawaii

If you are planning to visit Hawaii soon, be sure to set best itinerary before you travel. They say that this beautiful place in America is a perfect destination for people who love outdoor adventure and witnessing the beauty of Mother Nature. Of course, Hawaii is also one of the most favorite spot in the world because it is affordable to tour the different landmarks and breathtaking sceneries for a remarkable vacation stay.

Without any doubt, people who love to explore the wonders of nature can choose Hawaii as it offers some of them like the stunning Wailua Falls in Kauai near the Hana Highway. According to the information shared about this tourist destination, they already featured the falls in the “Fantasy Island” (a popular television show) and many Hawaiian legends had jumped off these waterfalls to show their courage and worthiness before.

As detailed through gohawaii.com, it features a pair of waterfalls with a stunning height of almost 80 feet, although some visitors who saw the Wailua Falls think that it can be nearly 200 feet because of the massive size of the dropping water. When passing through the Hana Highway, it allows the people to view its breathtaking views and it easily captures the interest of many tourists because it is truly captivating to see.

This is one of the beautiful and picturesque sceneries to explore while in Hawaii.

Going to the top of the falls is not easy because people need to pass through slippery and muddy pathways before reaching the point of destination. This is the reason why in the past years, they prohibit those who want to jump off the falls because it is dangerous, particularly to those people who have no right experience.

According from the published data through Wikipedia.org, a man nearly died in 2016 when he jumped from the waterfalls and became unconscious after landing wrongly into the deep pool. Lucky for him, a man dived to save him from death and he survived later on. Because of this, they had implemented rules wherein they do not just allow those who are not familiar with the falls and no experience in jumping to higher water cliffs.

Traveling uphill to reach the top of Wailua Falls made need a person to complete an almost 3-mile distance, whatever kind of strategy to use during the climb. They say that for those who walked uphill in early morning, it is fascinating to view the beautiful and colorful rainbow before the sunlight in the middle of the mountain. Of course, the foggy and misty environment makes the place even perfect for travelers who are carrying their cameras and other gadgets to capture the stunning views.

Like any other tourists destinations in Hawaii or across the globe, the local government of Kauai has important rules to implement for the safety of all the visiting people here. It is advisable for all tourists or visitors to adhere to the rules in preventing any fatal or serious incident when visiting this remarkable destination.

When exploring the beauty of Wailua Falls, the place likewise offers other great activities for many tourists such as the safari adventure, hiking and trekking, kayaking, visiting botanical gardens and beach going, among others.

Surely, Hawaii is a home of millions of adventure lovers out there and likewise boasts some of the most historic volcanoes in the world. As revealed by expert scientists before, Hawaii itself is actually a product of the volcanoes that erupted many years ago. Of course, the different islands from these volcanoes remain in existence today and continuously grabbing the attention of worldwide tourists.


Credit video: Daniel Lagmay/YouTube

Credit image: Cacique Tribe

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