White Bengal Tiger – A Unique Kind of Tiger Specie

Not many people knew that the Bengal Tiger is Bangladesh’s national animal and likewise recognized as the “Royal Bengal Tiger.” Of course, there are other remarkable tiger species in the world such as the stunning White Bengal Tiger (Panthera Tigris Tigris) of India. Without any doubt, this is one of the most beautiful and unique tigers in history because its overall appearance is stunning to see.

According to the information shared through animalcorner.co.uk, this particular specie of tiger is a mixture of ancestry of the Bengal and Amur tigers. The color is a combination of white/creamy fur and the stripe colors feature grayish to chocolate brown. Another interesting feature is the nose of this kind of tiger is pinkish and the colors of the eyes can be sometimes amber, green and bluish.

Based on history, the first-ever captured White Bengal Tiger happened in 1951 in Rewa, India. They then named the tiger “Mohan” and believed that this animal is the great ancestor of the existing Bengal tigers in the world.

The White Bengal Tigers highlight beautiful white-color fur that manifested due to the exact pigmentation of their skin color. In most cases, there are folks who consider them as albino tigers because of their unique combination of colors, but their stripes make them somehow distinct and appearing like normal tigers.

However, they do not have identical stripes because their skin pigmentation is unique.

Besides their existence in India, these beautiful tigers exist in other countries like Bhutan, Nepal, China, Bangladesh and Myanmar. From the published data through worldwidelife.org, these animals are the most dominant in numbers with over 2,500 species left in the world.

A White Bengal Tiger starts to develop fully at the age of 2-3 years old and at this age, a male tiger weighs about 200-300 kilograms and measures about 8-10 feet in length.

About their exact habitats, these animals love to live in wet and dry shedding forest areas, various temperate forests, mangroves and even in grasslands. Unfortunately, the continuing unlawful activities of some human beings make these beautiful white-colored animal creatures endangered. There are people who hunt them for food or capture them to meet the demands of illegal buyers out there.

This is the reason why there are now imposed rules that prohibit anyone in capturing or killing a White Bengal Tiger.

Going back to the history of this type of tiger in India, Maharaja Shri Martand Singh (a Royalty in Rewa) made a decision to kill a white tiger and later they discovered that she has already 4 cubs. Sadly, the ruler still decided to kill some of the cubs and only kept one of them, which is the white cub.

As detailed through animalcorner.co.uk, Maharaja Shri Martand Singh invited Maharaja Ajit Singh of Jodhpur to shoot the remaining white cub, but his guest did not accept the offer to kill the animal.

This is the reason why he then thought about not killing a new captured white tiger and this is the beginning of “Mohan” history in the world.

A White Bengal Tiger is capable of killing any prey within a second and it would be impossible for an involved prey to survive once the tiger made an attack. It has very powerful claws and sharper eyes when it needs to hunt foods or prey.

In most cases, these types of Bengal tigers love to eat deer, goat and wild boar as part of their diet in the wild. Likewise, they eat horsemeat, chicken and kangaroo for a regular basis meal in a week.

Lately, there are discoveries about the White Siberian tigers that originate from the Bengal tigers breed. They appear similar in their appearance, but the Siberian tigers possess whiter coating.


Credit video and image: Nature@360°/YouTube


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