Yonex Duora 10 – High Quality Badminton Racket

They say that badminton is one of the favorite sports of most women out there than men. One reason is that the rackets are not as hefty as what they use in tennis and the rules are easier to follow. Of course, it is still important to learn the basics and on how to hit the shuttlecock with the racket on the ground of the opposing player or team.

Definitely, one needs to invest for the best racket for this sporting game.

Based on the published information about the Yonex badminton rackets, they consider them as the most popular and trusted options for many professional badminton players in the world. This popular Japan-based sporting goods manufacturer had been in the business industry since 1946 and became incorporation in 1958.

According to the latest reviews of the top quality rackets on the market, the first on the list is Yonex Duora 10. Based on the overall description of this particular racket through yonex.com, they designed this racket with stronger forehand smashing, increased speed for aerodynamic performance, with effective for backhand driving and make it powerful because of its box-shaped feature.

The Duora 10 is worth about $270 and this makes it one of the most expensive badminton rackets on the market today. This is 100% made in Japan is an effective defensive racket, very responsive and a phenomenal option to consider. However, expert reviewers believe that this is not a perfect choice for newbie players and a bit costly to invest.

The available colors include frosty blue as well as orange.

If we talk about the top players in the world who utilized the Yonex Duora 10, these include Chou Tien Chen (Chinese Taipei), Lee Chong (Malaysia), Kim Astrup (Denmark), Vladimir Ivanov (Russia), Ng Ka Long Angus (Hong Kong) and Kamilla Rhytter Juhl (Denmark), as detailed through sticksmash.com online.

Definitely, the creation of this expensive and high quality badminton racket is about the advancing technology too. It features better shapes, colors and delivering powerful shots with accurate speed. They say that the Duora 10 might not be the fastest, but it responses perfectly and its nice aero frame makes it even better.

As detailed by the company also, the aero frame is made of NANOMETRIC DR, HM Graphite and Ni-Ti Fiber. It shaft however is made of the NANOMETRIC DR and HM Graphite. The overall weight of this racket is about .88 grams and featuring a stiff flex when on hand.

The Yonex Duora 10 is actually one of the seven Duora series of the company, but it truly represents a revolutionary badminton racket in the world.

Surely, choosing the best racket to play badminton is an important factor to consider. With the many available products on the market today, it is necessary for us to find the most trusted options and created by reputable companies or manufacturer. Just like the available Yonex rackets, these are among the best and trusted units because of assuring quality and innovation.

Aside from Yonex, the other popular sporting goods manufacturers include Prince, Wilson, Head and Carlton. These are all reputable companies and continuously marketing their clients across the globe. On the other hand, the popular Japanese sporting goods maker remains as a trusted option when it comes to top quality badminton rackets. It also manufacturers other products such as shoes, apparel, golf clubs, tennis balls and various sports outfits, among others.

Surely, different badminton players have varying strengths and weaknesses when they compete. This is the exact reason why these people are investing for the most suitable racket to improve their performance, regardless of the price range. Of course, they are willing to spend money as long as it meets their standards when they play.


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