Yoshiro Nakamatsu (Dr. NakaMats) – Completed Over 3,500 Inventions in His Name

We all know that Japan is one of the most beautiful and popular countries in Asia because of its remarkable technology, interesting landmarks and amazing people. It definitely became famous worldwide because there are impressive Japanese who marked their names in history with special talents or skills. The people of Japan have diversified fields in terms of science, business, politics, arts and technology, among others.

If we discuss about famous and historical Japanese inventors, these people include Yoshiro Nakamatsu or also recognized as Dr. NakaMats. Born in the beautiful place of Tokyo in Japan, this well-known person is one of the most prolific inventors of the country and across the world.

This popular Japanese is a product of the prestigious University of Tokyo because he graduated here as an engineer and became a prolific inventor in history.

According to the shared information online about his works, he was able to complete nearly 3,500 inventions on his own name and achieved a world record recognition. All of his inventions have legitimate patents under his name and in year 2010, he said the Sovereign Military Order or Malita honored his achievement, which gave way to calling himself as Dr. NakaMats.

On the other hand, the representative of the organization does not recognize his claim. Despite of this, Japan still recognizes him as one of the greatest inventors who ever live in this planet.

From the published information through motherboard.vice.com, the 89-year-old inventor from Japan made an effort to invent a kind of treatment that might cure his ailment (diagnosed with terminal cancer last 2013 and he was 87 years old that time). He decided to invent his own cancer treatment solution if he can still live longer, despite numbering his days to live in this world. He always believe in his skills and so he is not afraid of his health condition and even before his diagnosis, he already thought about resigning as an inventor because he knew that there is nothing left to invent in proving his worth.

He stated before that “The Story was an invention” and “An invention built to last,” as quoted through smithsonianmag.com.

Perhaps one of the most interesting claims he made is about the licensing of the floppy disk involving the IBM Company back in 1970, which the technology corporation had argued against Dr. NakaMats. He actually obtained his Japanese patent about his invention as early as 1952 even before IBM is claiming that they invented such disk in 1969 with the help of their engineers that time.

In an effort of preventing any dispute, he decided to close a deal with Big Blue in 1979 for a series of licensing agreements.

“My method of digitizing analog technology was the start of Silicon Valley and the information revolution,” said the popular inventor from Japan during an interview as quoted by smithsonianmag.com. “I am a cross between Steve Jobs and Leonardo da Vinci,” he added.

The floppy disk is just one of his many inventions in history because at the age of 14, he already invented and patented the “Shoyu Churu Churu,” which is a kind of pump that he created for his own mother to transfer the soy sauce easily. Until know, many Japanese had been using this type of pump in keeping their kerosene.

To mention a few of his other invention as detailed online include:

  • “PyonPyon” – a type of jumping shoes to improve the ability to leaf
  • “Juusyoku Record” – a kind of optical sound media used for paper sheet printing
  • “Enerex” – a system that can generate oxygen and hydrogen
  • “Magnetic Condom” – use for enhancing the orgasm of a female during intercourse
  • “Ceberex” – a kind of armchair to improve the mentality of a person using it

Truly, the achievement of Yoshiro Nakamatsu is remarkable and so the world recognizes his as one of the greatest inventors of all time.


Credit image: CTGN America

Credit video: YouTube

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